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Mark Thorne BAEDT,BEVA,BVDA Approved

Many people come to me with a problem. They know something isn't quite right with their equine but they can't quite get to the bottom of what it is. There are a lot of signs and symptoms of dental problems but some don't manifest themselves until the horse is in actual pain. Performance problems such as head tossing or shaking, unexplained subtle lameness, mouthing or chewing the bit, sticking the tongue out of the mouth or over the bit, resisting bridling, refusing to maintain vertical head carriage,getting behind the bit, rearing or bolting can often be attributed to dental problems in the horses mouth.

Clinical signs that may indicate a horses teeth may be troubling him are those such as dropping hard feed,excessive salivation, foul odour from the mouth, head tilting when eating, not grazing as much as expected, nasal discharge & facial swelling.

An abnormal and neglected mouth in a horse will eventually affect both his muscular balance and health, cardiovascular health, nervous system function, saliva flow and chemical balance and the structural soundness of his head neck, back tongue and digestive system - basically his whole body. To prevent such things the best thing to do is have routine equine dental care.

Most dental problems in horses start out minor and can accelerate into major problems if unchecked. Horses usually dont show symptoms until the problems are advanced, which is why it is better to have your horse's teeth checked regularly by a qualified Equine Dental Technician for preventative care. Invariably a horse does not physically show any signs of a dental problem which is why regular examinations by an equine dental technician are paramount.

If you would like to contact me or book an appointment please call 07850 011518. I provide equine dental technician services throughout North Yorkshire & surrounding counties.

Mark Thorne, Equine Dental Technician based in Yorkshire. BAEDT/BEVA/BVDA approved.

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